Individual Supporters

aboutus_staff1Case Management
Everyone who stays at the Gateway is connected with our staff and is supported to make positive changes in their life. Through case management, each resident has an opportunity to identify needs and set goals, and assistance is given in accessing the services (i.e. employment, housing, medical, etc.) that will assist our residents to get back on their feet.

Our Housing Specialists help connect our residents to appropriate housing solutions. Once suitable housing is found, they offer assistance with the moving process, a new box spring and mattress, and a start-up kit that includes the basic household items needed when moving into a new place. They also continue to follow-up with former residents through visits and monthly housing lunches for individuals who’ve moved out of the Gateway.

Addictions Counseling
Our Addictions Counselor is on site three days a week to meet with residents and community members in a one-on-one setting. The Gateway also hosts a weekly AA meeting on Mondays at 7 pm and makes referrals to other support networks. The Gateway connects individuals with appropriate individualized treatment options and offers ongoing counselling to continually support each person’s treatment needs.

Health Care
The Gateway is very fortunate to have a part-time nurse and doctor available on site to assess the physical and mental health of our residents. They play a critical role in ensuring that residents receive the care they need.